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This is my last quilt , ready to pack in my suitcase as I leave tomorrow for a nice visit to the US : Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsi, Iowa .. and perhaps more ! My dear friends , Marcia and Marilyn have planned wonderful things including 2 quilt shows !

Unfortunately, time flew so fast these 2 last weeks that I didn’t had the time to post  another article and photos… I2006-02-03 239 will do this when I’ll be back ! I will meet Ruthann and some quilters from her group !

I also wanted to give you details about this quilt which inspired me so much … not enough time ! But if you understand some french or just to see some pictures , go to visit my other website :

See you in 6 weeks !!!


More pictures …

I have added more pictures on the flickr album …

I made this quilt to commemorate the 250th Lafayette birthday’s anniversary and also  to celebrate the french-american friendship !  « Freedom, Faithfullness, Friendship », three « F » for a new motto dedicated to this wonderful friendship! ( made in  2007)

IMG_2126 - Copie - Copie-001

Quilters from the french group « Le fil d’Ariane »

The quilters from Epinal : Marie-José, Annick,Claudine, Anne, Lydie,Michèle,Chantal,Françoise,Jacqueline,Marie-Claude…are ready for the new adventure !

Ruthann will introduce the quilters from La Crosse  to me, I will post the pictures of their quilts as soon as possible and I will meet some of them next month at the quilt show in Madison as I’m going to visit my friends in Minnesota, within a few days !

At the moment, here are some links to look at pictures of the quilts made by the french quilters of  Epinal … an album where I will add more pictures soon ..   In the right column, click on categories and then french/american friendship + patchwork …

Tomorrow , I will tell you the wonderful friendship story between Marcia, Marilyn (from Minnesota) and me : « the three sisters »!

DSC_0015 - Copie

The first Step….

Welcome Ruthann! You will be in charge of the quilting exchange in La Crosse and I’m sure this nice adventure will please everyone ! Hope to meet you in Madison for the quilting show early september ! I’ll be there with my dear friends from Minnesota !

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