Bio: I like sharing my passions with other people all over the world ! I like doing patchwork and quilting and I love travelling ! The french-american friendship is very important for me, my best friends live in Minnesota and I'm lucky to have many friends in other states ! I was born in Africa where I grew up and came back to Belgium ( where I come from) when I was 16. that is why I'm so inspirated by Africa when I create a quilt ! I have two children : Sandra (33) and Nicolas(27). My husband was in the military and is recently retired. I live near a beautiful city in the east of France : Epinal which is twinned with La Crosse, Wisconsin. In January 2017, I decided with some friends of our quilting group in Epinal to share our passion with some quilters in La Crosse and the new adventure begins 6 months later !

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